The Focus
Talking Spanish, everywhere and anywhere, is what will get you carrying on conversations without even being aware of which language you're speaking. Getting you talking everywhere and anywhere is the focus of this program.

Non-Traditional Approach
Our school has a highly effective, non-traditional approach to teaching Spanish. You’ll immediately be working within a much bigger language framework. The approach lets you acquire language much faster.

Because of our non-traditional approach we’re able to be extremely flexible. And so we can devote more time and attention to the areas where you need the most practice, and you’ll be freer to head in the directions you want to go.
In only a few days you’ll be able to bring much more of the language’s structure into your speaking. You’ll be able to carry on more complicated, more fun conversations. Success leads to more success leads to even more success… Our approach is success driven, and the success is yours.

We can adapt ours programs to your needs, whether you are a teacher, nurse, religious, attorney or any accopation.


Spanish Immersion inside the Classwork
Starting with what you know, from very beginner to advanced, classwork is individualized to heighten your knowledge and skills of those aspects of Spanish that make conversation work. Classwork is a support function to our Out-And-About-Labs. Classwork is highly important, but in our non-traditional approach, it isn't the primary activity.


Spanish Immersion Outside the Classroom--our Out-and-About Labs
Visiting traditional colonias and tiny shops with roll-down steel doors, museums and schools with happy students, the beach, the malecon, and especially, the people themselves, always brings the joy and excitement of sharing in the life of Mexico. Charlantes share your joy and excitement and lead you to talk, in Spanish, about what you see and what you’re doing. There’s always so much to say, so much to discuss, that what always happens, happens again. You’ll talk with those around you. And since they talk in Spanish…


Remember our Mix and Match
You can pick and choose from all our programs. Maybe you'd like to learn to make salsa, or go scuba diving (buceo in Spanish) or snorkeling. A day rafting or birding would be great. There's more to do than time permits.

A glance through the other program pages will show you the many choices you have.

To get a closer look at the providers of the eco-tourism and adventure with whom we're associated by friendship and a desire to support grassroots conservation please take a look at It's a group of locally-owned, small businesses sharing the beauty and wonder of their communities and the excitment of their adventure activities.


The key to our success, and yours

  • We are careful to be ever-mindful of the enormous difference between taking Spanish classes and learning to talk in Spanish. From our own experience we know that taking many college level courses still leaves one barely able to talk at more than a survival level. To us, Spanish immersion means to get you talking.
  • The major barrier to speaking in class is that traditional school focuses on a student’s mistakes.
  • People learn to speak based not upon their mistakes but instead upon their successes. Our Spanish immersion program is designed around success-based language development.
  • Success-based is what works, and it’s also what’s fun.