The accommodation is the responsibility of each student, then a list of hotels is given.

The student can decide to stay in a cheap, clean and friendly hotel or in a luxury hotel.

No problem if you find another hotel near downtown, the following hotels are suggested:



The most common length of stay is three weeks. We welcome you to study with us for longer or shorter periods depending on your needs and interests. Your study can begin on any Monday.

We are ready to help you plan weekend trips, and we’re happy to make sure you’re on the right bus. You may wish to take a run to Puebla or Oaxaca City, or even visit the magnificent ruins at Teotihuacán or Palenque.

We are always happy to have our students spend a couple of weeks with us and then leave school for a week’s travel before coming back to finish up their chosen studies. You can get to us by plane, bus or car.

If your speaking level isn’t quite up to survival, we suggest Continental's direct, non-stop flight from Houston to Veracruz. You’ll get in late, but we’ll be at the airport waiting for you.

Flying through Mexico City works well if you speak a little bit of Spanish or you’re a seasoned airport user.

Coming down by bus or car can be a wonderful adventure, but we’re deep in Mexico, and it’s a long ride.