Linda and Eric are the founders of The Language Immersion School Veracruz.
Over 13 years ago they started this mode and unique learning experience in Veracruz with great enthusiasm that has characterized us until today, they are born in USA and currently residents of Veracruz; in professional circles they have emerged as math and English teachers in private schools of Veracruz.

Their people skills has also been part of the success of the school, to the extent they regarded as citizens of Veracruz.


Hello there!

My name is Daniel, I am 27 years old, I was born in the capital of the State of Veracruz, Jalapa. I studied my degree in Advertising and Communication and I also have an MBA.

Most of my life I have lived in the port of Veracruz, I have worked with Linda and Eric about 4 years in LIS, prior to that I worked in the Veracruz Aquarium and Veracruz Airport "Heriberto Jara Corona".

I define myself as a happy person and a lover of Veracruz, I've always had the interest to make known to everyone our education, culture, cuisine and customs through full immersion, since you wake up until you brush your teeth to go to sleep. I invite you to begin the adventure of a lifetime.