Jalcomulco community is located near the river La Antigua, in the “Pescados” section, about 30 km from Xalapa and about 22 km from Coatepec.


The particular topography that counts Jalcomulco, has become an excellent area for the practice of rafting or rafting, rock climbing, rappelling and other similar activities, since it has many large hills and ravines.


We recommend visiting in Jalcomulco, a hill that appears in the middle of the mountain and that can only be reached on foot. It is located about 10 km from the community and is frequented by many tourists. Such hill is named Acuamali.


The Antigua river basin is structured by several canyons. The flora that appears in them is diverse, closed, and often exotic. There you can see a complete system of canyons which distributes water from Cofre de Perote and Citlaltépetl.