This is my third time back to Veracruz, and as always, I had an excellent time.  This area is the prefect environment to study Spanish and it doesn’t get any better than studying with the Spanish Immersion School.  Class is always entertaining, however, be prepared to focus and concentrate as Daniel will challenge your Spanish speaking abilities (this is a good thing). 

If you are looking for a teacher that is patient, has the ability to explain difficult concepts or the basics(depending on your skill level), look no further as this is your home away from home.  One day a week there is a field trip.  If you choose to go with this option you will have a fantastic time and will be exposed to so many cool things that only a local would have the knowledge of. Gracias maestro!

Thank you Daniel for a very enjoyable two weeks. Once again I feel my Spanish improved enormously and I discovered more of the delights of Veracruz in your company. Best wishes for the success of your new venture, I hope to return again soon.

I am so happy for the opportunity to congratulate and thank Linda and Eric Langner for founding a most exceptional Spanish Immersion experience. I say this with confidence having taken classes both in Madrid, Spain and in the states. Now after 13 years they have decided to truly retire and pass the mantle to Daniel Salinas.

I recently spent a week with Daniel taking Spanish classes in Veracruz. I have been to the Language Immersion School several times, while it was owned by Linda and Eric Langer. Certainly, now that Eric and Linda are out of the picture it is different. The classes are the same but the setting is different. Daniel learned a lot about teaching from Linda and is a very good and patient teacher. The city and the state of Veracruz are incredible places to visit and to practice your Spanish, and Daniel is a great guide.